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  • Can you rewrite scripts from ls 15 to ls 17?
  • Hi Lorenzo, wollte noch mal danke sagen für den Frontpacker.
  • Good morning Lorenzo, I noticed with the Frontpacker that he does not grubber everything on uneven terrain. I hope I could help you and thank you again for your work.
  • Hi Lorenzo, tell me moddest you even more or is this your last project?
  • Hi Lorenzo, may I ask how far you are with the front packer? I thank you once again that you build the frontpacker. Thank you very much
    • Hey Wuddi. Today I start to work to the new texture. Tomorrow I think it will be in game, and next week I pass you the beta for test :)
    • Cool I'm looking forward to it
    • Hi Lorenzo how are you? I wanted to hear how it goes with the front packer?
    • Hi, I'm fine. Thanks.
      I'm very busy with school, then I have not much time for work. There are a few problem but I can resolve them.
      Within sunday I'm sure I can pass you the beta without error.
      Be patient :)
    • Ok then I will not disturb further and look forward to your answer ;)