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    It is planned but it is now much harder in 19 with the new farm system and storage..
    I am sure it will come at some stage sooner rather than later :-)

    For me as with all members of LSMC and the forum this is very sad news, a life lost is very sad for all especially the family. I wish my deepest condolences to the family of 'Bonecrusher6'.

    I think it is important they know he has brought much joy and fun to the lives of many people around the world. This joy will continue for a lifetime as many continue to use his work and we all thank him.

    A great person and modder who we will never forget. <3
    I am sure the team will all agree he is a member of LS-Modcompany for life. :thumbup:

    NOTE: Version

    There is a known mistake with the position of the Large Cow Pen 'MilkAddon' sale area.

    Version fixes this and is currently with Giants testing.

    If you would like to make the change yourself you can replace the following lines in the BaseBuildings.xml

    Line 279

    1. <trigger sharedI3dNode="0" position="-11.6 0 9.659" rotation="0 0 0" />

    Line 281

    1. <salesArea sharedI3dNode="11" position="-10.209 0.063 9.659" rotation="0 90 0" >

    No other changes are needed.


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    Please select one of the above images to download the English or German zip as needed.

    Each pack contains:

    2 x GE scripts to help with installation

    1 x Installation Guide

    1 x Example Cow Pen (MOD)

    1 x Read Me file.

    Any questions please ask in this thread so it is easy for others to also see the answer.


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    Agarwen Thank you very much for the great First Look video :-)

    I also thank you for your complements and praise. I am full of ideas and I love to share these and work with the team to present them for all to use.

    I do have a few more things planed and one or two that have not yet been seen before. One of these is something many people talk about and want but I will leave this open for all to try and guess:this:

    Maybe a game will happen in the future. I like the idea of ETS2 joined with LS popcorn

    Morning gamer

    Well I was stuck in a place I did not want to be reading the GDN forums on my laptop and I found a post asking for help to source the Static animals for easy building of and Animal Trailer.

    So I thought I would make this little GE script so you can load the animals to your trailer and remove as needed without extracting the Game Files. nono

    The only requirement is to add the path to your Game on line 24 inside the " " as I can not read this in GE it seems even if it is set in the preferences. search

    Icon is included as always, I hope it helps someone.

    Moin moin

    wenn ich den Example Mod auf Server machen will geht das nicht da steht die Datei wäre beschädig.

    Bedeutet das nur das der nicht MP fähig ist?

    I am sorry, I originally just created this simple mod to show how you may use the script parts, and to copy the XML and I3D layout for your own mods.

    Because of this I forgot to add the following tag to allow MP. dash

    1. <multiplayer supported="true"/>

    I have updated the download link or you can just add the above to your XML :)

    Sorry :(

    At this stage no I have not added any extra support for extra or different inputBindings.
    The 'strobe lights' are only activated with the default Beacon Key.

    I can look to add this in a future update though. However I still have some other scripts and mods I am working with + our team script 'Global Company' that takes time. So along with these and other real life issues outside of Farming Simulator I do apologise I can not list a delivery time.

    I hope you can still find some use for the script at it's current stage :-)

    This is a simple but helpful script I made by request for someone on the GDN.

    It allows you to copy one or all of the following from the first selected node and apply these to all other selected nodes.

    1. Translation

    2. Rotation

    3. Scale

    4. Clip Distance

    5. Visibility

    As always I have included the ICON if you wish to add this to your toolbar in GE.

    I hope it helps someone. gamer

    Both of these do the same function but operate a little different.

    These are 2 x individual scripts and must be added individually.

    Icon's are included if you wish to add shortcuts to your`GE` toolbar. :thumbup:


    Quick Move Up

    Option 1: Move a single selected Transform to the top of the `Parent Transform`.

    Option 2: Move all selected Transforms to the top of the `Parent Transform` in the order they are selected.

    Quick Move Down

    Option 1: Move a single selected Transform to the bottom of the `Parent Transform`.

    Option 2: Move all selected Transforms to the bottom of the `Parent Transform` in the order they are selected.


    Some people will remember these scripts from LS17. I have made some changes for 19 that now allow you to move all selected items up / down one place. GE now allows you to use the 'Middle Mouse Button' but I find this is still buggy.

    IMPORTANT: As with all scripts in GE, changes made are not registered in your `undo` history.

    These are 2 x individual scripts and must be added individually.

    Icon's are included if you wish to add shortcuts to your`GE` toolbar. :thumbup:



    [FS19 - GE Script] Move Up One

    [FS19 - GE Script] Move Up One

    Enjoy beer

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    I do not see why the 'FillTypeMover-Script' will not work at the same time as the 'Production Factory' that is part of GC.

    However, I do not see why you would want to use this when the Production Factory has so much more possibility. I have added the option to make a simple factory with just input and output or you can make it complex and real to life with many animations, effects, different product inputs, movers, visibility nodes, displays and kevink98 has added a GUI that looks great and functions as needed. We even allow you to purchase your input if you wish :P

    You also have the option with the Production Factory to have pallet creation or if you have a silo output then you can even spawn a pallet of this product one at a time if you wish ;)

    I will end by saying, I will not talk bad about other peoples scripting. However I do not recommend the 'FillTypeMover-Script' in its current release. It is poorly optimised and it also relies on the 'CLIENT' to do the work and this should be the server. It also does its updates every 1 minute =O:rolleyes: and this is bad for performance. and not needed by a factory.

    It is always the choice of the player to use what mods they wish but I like to share my view.

    Yes, the modder defines each position with a TG and the 'Trigger Box' is created by the script.

    There is a second (standard) trigger needed but this is to detect when the pallet is moved so we can update displays, movers, visNodes etc, or if the spawn area now has space we can even auto start the factory as kevink98 mentioned.

    Yes there is no limit to the number of 'pallet spawners' an output can have. This is the reason we no longer need the ' Paletten Sammler' ;-)

    We now also have a solution for the Unloading Trigger. You will be able to use a single trigger for all inputs on all productLines unless you have a 'duplicate' fill type.

    We will definitely look at this as an option if performance will allow. The thought of having 'Utility' factories (Electric, Gas, Water) to provide to other factories was planed but a simple 'Invoice for use' may also be possible.

    I have a plan and 'Working Example' for Water Trough Addon but time and health has limited me. This will work with mods if added and also integrate with Giants Base pastures if it works as planed.
    More information very soon I hope.


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