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    1. <switch lightType="0" index="2|0" lightOff="0 0 0" lightOn="1 0 0" useRotation="false" />

    lightType = This is the light type you want the switch to be attached to. When this light is activated then this switch will move.

    -- This is the normal type numbers as set by giants. This is mod dependent. --

    0 = standard lights.

    1 = font work lights.

    2 = back work lights.

    3 = high beam lights.

    index = This is the index of the switch you want to move.

    lightOff = Tranlation or Rotation (x y z start position).

    lightOn = Tranlation or Rotation (x y z end position).

    useRotation = true or false depending on what you want to use.

    I hope this helps a little..

    It is hard to release a mod on modHub that uses a custom fillType. These types of mods can only be used on certain maps that support it and this confuses some people.

    This is why it is important to mention this in the description.

    This is also the reason I have not done any building for all the custom pallets and fillTypes as these are best done as part of the map itself so that there is no errors or confusion ;-)

    ?? The description should not be like this. That is the description for the `Wool Storage` building. Does this building you are submitting store Wool??


    • Lager hat auch bei Englischer Spielsprache einen deutschen Namen, bitte überprüfen

    ^^ Make sure all parts / names in `GE` are referencing the correct l10n entry in the modDesc with the correct translations.


    • Sämtliche Sprachoverlays auf der Tafel werden übereinander angezeigt wenn man das Spiel auf EN startet

    • Nach dem Platzieren, erscheint folgender Error in der Log:

    Error: Running LUA method 'mouseEvent'.

    C:/Users/kburgess/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_PalletsStorage_placeable/scripts/StorageHouse.lua:194: table index is nil

    ^^ This is because they will not be testing the mod on a map with this fillType. You can not have custom fillTypes in the building if they are not registered in the mod ;-).. The testers may not know it is a custom fillType as the description states it is a `Wool` Storage

    If you have trouble with the above you can send me the mod one more time and I will correct the English translations for you and writ a new description ;-)

    Unfortunately the way the script is written it only supports 'one' of each display type.

    Because there is also the 'tablet App' I did not think anyone would require more than one display, so It was left out for performance reasons.

    If I do another update I can definitely look to add the option for more displays. ;-)

    Sorry about that.

    GtX the "error: Render device Error: Unknown." is still there; i only change the text in the file "", i save the dds in DXT5, mittle HQ, Perzeptiv, Mip Maps (fant) ...

    What i do wrong? if u will i send u the mod...

    I am not 100% sure why that error happens..

    If you can not find the solution then yes you can send it to me and I will also have a look at it to try and help.

    No I am not German but I can read some and the rest I know a person called Google that helps me from time to time ;-)

    Yes Karlux and Friesenjung you are fine to upload the mods for everyone to enjoy, this is not a problem at all.

    Thank you for asking :thumbup: by the way..

    ^^ With images make sure they are saved with mipmaps and it is best to only use dxt1 and dxt5 for the best performance in game.

    Have you sorted all the problems?

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    Your welcome. I am always glad to check, I have my moments and do miss things so I appreciate anyone reporting these types of errors..

    I thought you may have left this out due to a miss understanding.. The idea of this part of the script can be a little confusing I understand..

    p.s I love the whole pack it is very well done with much detail on all the 3d Models... I just really like how tough the 8x8 looks ;-)

    Hey Alfredix ,

    Firstly, the idea of binding to the lightType is to simulate how you connect spotlights and spot bars to road vehicles. These are normally connected to your highbeam lights but they also have a separate on/off switch if they are not needed or you are in a area that does not allow them.. This was the initial idea anyway ;-) So by binding them to a light we do not fill the F1 menu with another keybinding if it is not active and it means they only work as they would in a real car..

    I had a quick look and I did find a small mistake that would be causing the problem with the flicker..

    First 'WoW' that 8x8 is a great looking truck.. I love it.

    The flicker is because you accidentally forgot to add the inputBinding and the associated 'l10n' .. Easy to do and the log error does not really explain this well ;-)

    It would work 100% if these were added..

    I hope that helps.. Sorry if I confused :-)

    Keep up the great work..

    Oops.. I forgot to reply here. Sorry I was away this week..
    Yes at this stage I only added the one extra light as it was a suggestion by `Inerti` for use on spotlight bars etc.

    As you have said the only option is to add all of the lights to a single transform and to add all real lights as children to one of the real lights.

    I could add the option for more in the same format as the `Base` lights if you think it is needed.

    The trough capacity of the animals including the ECP is defined by the number of animals x 6 days.

    If using the WTA with the ECP then all that should be required is to add the `husbandryType` chicken

    Again it is hard to know what is going on without the full log to see if something else is loading or not loading etc.

    Is the map available for download? Or is this a personal edit?