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    I have a forage wagon that has an unload bug (Bucher's TRL2600 in the Farming Classics pack on ModHub). It unloads fine on the ground, but in a silage bunker it stops unloading at random times. It unloads some grass and then stops, and each time it unloads a different amount.

    I have changed everything in GE and in the XML, without success. I do not understand what could be causing this.

    Thanks. :)

    I did look at that, it is a vehicle (basically "loadingTrailerDrivable"), so you have to enter it to turn it on. I have not been able to convert it to a trailer.

    UPDATE: I may have solved the problem using the moving collision.

    I want to make a trailer that unloads solid objects like logs or bales. Is it possible to put a conveyor belt on a trailer? I am starting to experiment, but if someone knows how, or knows it is impossible, please tell me.

    I have already tried the moving collision. I did get that to function. But it does not fit with my trailer.


    People have suggested adding forage_wagon as a specialization. Then putting the forageWagon effect into the mower xml. I don't know enough to know if this is a stupid idea. I tried to get it to work, without success.

    1. <forageWagon>
    2. <fillParticleSystems>
    3. <emitterShape node="0>5|1|4|0" particleType="PICKUP" emitCountScale="6" worldSpace="false"/>
    4. <emitterShape node="0>5|1|4|1" particleType="SMOKE" emitCountScale="1"/>
    5. </fillParticleSystems>
    6. </forageWagon>

    Is it possible to add a particle effect to a mower? preferably without a script.

    The mower has an effect like a waterfall of grass. I was trying to add the PICKUP effect from baler or forage_wagon.


    Ist es möglich, einem Mäher einen Partikeleffekt hinzuzufügen? vorzugsweise ohne ein Skript.

    Der Rasenmäher wirkt wie ein Wasserfall aus Gras. Ich habe versucht, den PICKUP-Effekt von Ballenpresse oder fage_wagon hinzuzufügen.

    1) a mod package with AI vehicles without collisions. When I use courseplay or followme I have to turn off AI traffic, because they run into each other.

    2) fruit price should not go down when player sells trailer load.


    1) ein Mod-Paket mit KI-Fahrzeugen ohne Kollisionen. Wenn ich courseplay oder followme verwende, muss ich AI-Verkehr ausschalten, weil sie ineinander laufen. In der Tat

    2) der Obstpreis sollte nicht sinken, wenn der Spieler die Anhängerladung verkauft.

    A) Yes, that is how I have it working. And it looks and functions very similar to the FS15 version.

    B) I like your idea, and I had a few of my own, but I was afraid the average user was not going to figure out how it worked. And they are not going to understand why it has to be done in such a complicated way. Average users tend to get frustrated and angry when things are not the way they think they should be. What do you think end user confusion?

    But I will mock it up and have a look. Thanks. :)

    No, the bales inside the loader are locked in the position set in GE (balePlace).

    The problem is that a tractor can not pull the weight of a full bale loader.

    A base-game bale has a volume of 4,000L and a weight of 1,000kg, my bales have a volume of 300L and should weight 75kg. If I take a bale loader full of small bales to the scales, it indicates that the small bales weight 1,000kg each. Also after about 28 bales the front wheels of the tractor are lifted off the ground by the weight of the loader (28,000kg!).

    When I take a trailer to the scale and toss in a few bales, the scale does not record a weight. So, I suspect the game does not weigh things in trailers, but instead the bale-loader is using the bale count and multiplying by the registered density of bales (not the GE density). So, I need to register the density of the small bales.

    registerFillType has "Density" as one of arguments. I tried it in a script and it solved the problem, but I am trying to do this mod without scripts.

    thank you for the reply. I did change the "Density" in GE. The problem seems to be that a the game assumes every bale inside a bale loader weight 1,000kg.

    The bales are light on the ground but heavy in the bale loader.


    Danke für Ihre Antwort. Ich habe die "Dichte" in GE geändert. Das Problem scheint zu sein, dass das Spiel jeden Ballen in einem 1000 kg schweren Ballenlader übernimmt. In der Tat

    Die Ballen sind leicht am Boden, aber schwer im Ballenlader.

    I found registerFillType, which will change weight, but I was hoping to do it without a script. Is there something similar that can go in a modDesc?

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    Ich habe registerFillType gefunden, was das Gewicht ändern wird, aber ich habe gehofft, es ohne Skript zu machen. Gibt es etwas ähnliches, das in einem ModDesc gehen kann? In der Tat

    Can the weight of a bale be changed? Both round and square bales sea to 1,000. I have a bale that has a smaller volume and lower weight, preferably without a script.

    I changed the density in the i3D, but it seems to revert to 1,000 when in a trailer / baleloader. LUA must just count the bales and multiply by 1,000?

    Kann das Gewicht eines Ballens verändert werden? Sowohl runde als auch eckige Ballen scheinen 1000 zu sein. Ich habe einen Ballen, der ein kleineres Volumen hat und ich möchte ein geringeres Gewicht, vorzugsweise ohne ein Skript.

    Ich habe die Dichte im i3D geändert, aber in einem Anhänger / Ballenlader scheint es auf 1.000 zurückzugehen. LUA muss nur die Ballen zählen und mit 1.000 multiplizieren?