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    I'm not at home right now, but I know that for the animal triggers you need to use the same trigger from the livestock building (the animal loading trigger). Just take that and delete the user attributes on it.

    Well.. I solved my own problem. Spent way, way too long on it. here's how you do it! I'll paste my entire outputMethods section:

    1. <outputMethods>
    2. <loadingTriggers>
    3. <loadingTrigger name="LoadingTrigger" />
    4. <loadingTrigger name="LoadingTriggerTrain" />
    5. </loadingTriggers>
    6. </outputMethods>

    Register the triggers as you normally do up top (just like how I did in my XML file posted above).


    I'm trying to use multiple input/output triggers for products. For example, I have a place where I can load products on my truck, but I'm trying to also load them to the train. Factory is working fine except when I add the 2nd loading trigger for the train line. The error is:

    2019-09-17 15:53 MODDING: [FACTORY - cogent] loadingTrigger 'LoadingTriggerTrain' found at 'globalCompany.productionFactories.productionFactory(0).registerLoadingTriggers.loadingTrigger(1).loadingTrigger' is not in use! This should be removed from XML.

    Attached is my .txt (XML) file. Thanks in advance!


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    I hope my Google Translate broke the last paragraph.. because I would disagree. This version of the "factory script", aka the GlobalCompany, is much, MUCH better than anything we had in LS17.

    In this version of the game (FS19) there aren't any liquid triggers... silo triggers and liquid triggers are the same thing.

    Right now it is only possible to have 1 input or output for the same product. In the next GC update it will be possible to have multiple.

    Keep in mind the GC hasn't even been out a month now. More and more mods will pop up that can be used everywhere. Not to mention in the next GC update, Kevin has said they are adding the ability to register new fill types right within the mod itself without the user doing anything.

    I would say if you don't want to learn how to do it yourself (which is totally understandable), then just be a little bit more patient.

    Most likely this has to do with the additional fill types not being registered the same from map to map. For example, one map may have ‘compost’ and the other map has ‘kompost.’ Once you register the new fill types accordingly or change them to fit your map it should work fine.

    Best to check the Archive section or the documentation site that Kevin has posted. Or you could check through some of my posts I had posted the user attributes that are needed.

    Of course you will need to make XMLs for the factories which match up with the nodes. All triggers, loading and unloading, need to be replaced on your current buildings.

    Took me about 2 weeks to do it and I had probably as many productions as your map does.

    EDIT. This post has a lot of useful information:

    Festeinbau seedmaker - Anleitung


    I am building all of my production factories into the map. I've got 45 so far. No matter what order I put them in, the 45th factory does not show up in the Global GUI list. I've tried rearranging the order, and no matter what, the last one will not show. The log is clean. Player triggers at the actual factories work fine bringing up the GUI.

    Is there a limit on the number of factories allowed in the Global GUI?


    I am trying to get the <shaders> working in the operating parts section. I have a big machine that grinds coal. When it is running, a rotor turns, and a plane is moving to simulate coal moving down a belt.

    I have taken this object from an FS17 map that had this working with the mCompanyFactory script. I'm attaching screenshots here of the user attributes for the shaders that were used in FS17.

    I'm also putting my coalgrinder . txt file. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong with the XML but I'm not sure what. Everything else is working fine, sounds, particles, triggers, etc. Of course I am building this into the map using onCreate.

    When I try to run this ingame, the following errors are displayed:

    Thank you again for your help. It is much appreciated.

    Hello Kevin:

    I'm still having issues with my l10n_en.xml file. All say ingame that they are missing the l10n entry. I am building my productions into my map - not using placeables. Here are the files - again I converted .xml to .txt for uploading.

    Map folder is called pleasantville . cogent.txt is the GC file.

    The production is working perfectly otherwise.

    My thanks and appreciation for your continued support.

    Thanks for the info.

    I'm also having issues with the l10n errors. I added a 'languages' folder to my base map folder as well as created the appropriate file.

    Here is the code from the XML:

    1. <guiInformation title="GC_Cogent" imageFilename="maps/textures/triggers/" description="GC_Cogent_Desc"/>

    And the code from my l10n_en.xml located in the 'languages' folder:

    1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    2. <l10n>
    3. <elements>
    4. <e k="GC_Cogent" v="Cogent"/>
    5. <e k="GC_Cogent_Desc" v="Cogent processes various wood products."/>
    6. </elements>
    7. </l10n>

    Only way I've been able to get some of them to show up is to edit the l10n.en.xml file in the GC mod itself. All my stuff will be private but still I would like to have it in the map folder.