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    I want to share with you a real history that make me proud to be member of the farm sim community.


    Article or Review Author: Duckzorly

    Hello Everyone

    I just wanted to come over here and share some news with you all in relation to Bullet Bill, the author of Coldborough Park Farm, The West Coast and of course Lone Oak Farm, and a member of the great Frontier Designs crew.

    A bit over 24 hrs ago I awoke to the following post on Facebook


    We have some sad news to announce tonight...

    "BulletBill" contacted us to let us know he will no longer be able to do any modding for the foreseeable future due to a complete motherboard failure on his PC.

    Unfortunately "BulletBill" is not in a position to replace the broken part as due to the age of the motherboard and CPU (both are 10 years old) it would mean replacing both parts which would be extremely costly.

    With personal health issues affecting his secular work and having a wife and 2 daughters to support he is unsure when he will he able to afford to replace these parts as obviously they are not as important as looking after his family.

    He would like to thank all the genuine supporters of his mods and work and would like to apologize to them as he will be unable to produce the mods he wanted to for Fs19.

    - BulletBill's Facebook Team -

    Now, I certainly do not wish to take any credit, but I think this is where our Community and us as You Tubers can make a difference and pay things forward.... so I approached Bullet Bill about getting his permission to start publicising and organising a fundraising drive to replace his PC.

    Let me set the record straight and clear, at no time did Bullet Bill ask, nor imply at anytime that he was putting the story out there (the Facebook post was not done by Bullet Bill btw, was just done as a news item to say he would be 'out' until such time as RL circumstances improved) as a means to make some money to replace his PC. In my discussions with him, it took some convincing that the community would show their support, and that it was a worthy cause. Eventually he relented and I set to messaging a few of the mates and Tubers that know and use Bullet Bills maps. As no surprise almost everyone jumped on board and wanted to help. I committed to commence a drive by doing a Live-stream announcement, which again was supported by a few great people not only in my community, but you-tubers like Virtual Farmer, Sim Station, Silvernews etc.....and it was also lovely to have Bullet Bill himself drop in.

    The Live-stream video in case anyone is interested is located here:

    Skip forward to a little over 24 hrs and I awake to find this post on Facebook:


    When I went to bed last night I was at an extreme low, modding is a big part of my life, it has become almost like an addiction. So to have no idea when I would be able to buy the new PC parts I needed was gutting.

    Some might say surely you could just save up and buy new parts. Ideally that would be great, however my personal circumstances mean that I can only manage a small bit of self employed work each work due to a long term illness. This means on a good month I break even with my bills, but most of the time I make a loss.

    First and foremost are the needs of my supportive Wife and two young Daughters. Obviously buying PC parts is not a priority over there needs.

    I woke up this morning to find the community had taken matters into there own hands and were starting a crowd funding project for me, starting with Mr DuckZorly.

    I was very uncomfortable about this as I know many people can be suspicious of these types of crowd fund, yet they kept on insisting.

    The response... well both myself and my Wife have been staggered and overwhelmed by the response. Often I only get to deal with the less friendly side of this community, but today, as one YouTuber put it, the silent majority have spoken, and boy have you guys and gals done that. (The amount raised in the picture)

    I have to admit to being quite emotional, about the sheer level of the response. I have been reading the many heartfelt, genuine comments from people who truly appreciate the mods I produce and get many many hours of enjoyment from them.

    All I can say is "thank you"... it isn't ever enough truly express myself, but at this point I'm left speechless...

    Below are all the people who have donated so far. You guys/gals are absolute legends. I will never forget this ever...


    <Names of Donors edited for anonymity and space!>

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    Has it finished there? NO

    Whilst we are getting close we just need a little bit more to top off the funds and get Bullet Bill back to where he belongs and loves to be - behind the computer putting out great quality mods for US the community.

    So if you can spare some change, please consider using the link below and add some cash in. Bullet Bill is very humble, and again in no way has this been developed as a stunt or the like - and I get the cynical posts that have been posted, and indeed some rather rude and hurtful ones indeed, but I can assure you that I would not be driving this (and it would not have the support of many of my YouTube Creator mates) if it was not 1. a worthy cause, 2. a genuine need, and 3. the right thing to do.

    So thanks to all that have supported so far, and please use the link below and show your support to someone in need - the best part is - you can rest assured that you have paid things forward, and have done a good deed for the day!…d_button_id=LKVBYVXJRS2QU

    Thanks Everyone.



    Hello Micha, welcome to the modding world, I am 56 and started modding and programming .net some years ago because farming simulator. This is the best self-learning experience I never had and drove me to manage visual studio, VB, .net, c#, c++, LUA, IOT, Arduino, Maya, 3dmax, inventor, surfer 3D, arcgis, hololens, AR, AI, VR, ...

    So many things I was capable to use for modding in Farming Simulator. The main thing I got is to be able to recycle myself, update and currently using all this knowledge in my new job. Thanks Giants and communities for this marvellous gift.