xml ändern

  • Hallo. Ist es irgendwie möglich den xml Eintrag false zu true zu ändern? Mit einer lua Datei?

    Ist ja die Original Datei im Spiel. Und da möchte ich nichts ändern.

    Es geht ja nur darum die Setzlings Paletten wenigstens im Werkstatt Trigger zu verkaufen. Sonst geht es ja nirgends.

    Viele Nutzer der Baumschule würden sich da bestimmt freuen. Danke

  • laloe77 :

    Unzip the file l10n_en.xml from the FS19_Felsbrunn_Edit_By_MC.zip. It is in the languages subdirectory of the mod.

    Rename the unzipped file from l10n_en.xml to l10n_es.xml.

    Now you open the file using your preferred text editor, for example "Notepad ++". You'll find that every line has an entry with v="some text". Now you translate this "some text" from english to spanish. Just make sure you only change the text within the two quotation marks but leave the quotation marks themself as they are.

    After replacing all the text within with spanish translation, save the l10n_es.xml and add it to the languages directory where the other two files are (the english and the german one).

    If you made everything correct, next time you start the map, you won't see the "missing" textentries in the PDA but your spanish translations...

  • great thanks i tried to translate everything and i think that's why it didn't work for me, a thousand thanks friend