GC - Create a heap trigger and translation files

  • How can I create a heap trigger like manure on cow facilitie to load with a shovel / bucket?

    I want create a translation file for my GC facilities, but I can't find out the right path to put the file. The file that reads the translations is the GC Checker.lua right?

    So on my map i put this on moddesc.xml:

    1. <extraSourceFiles>
    2. <sourceFile filename="GC_Checker.lua" />
    3. </extraSourceFiles>

    and the language file needs to be in the same folder right? I have try but recive missing_xxxxx_ l10n_pt.xml

    what am i doing wrong?

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  • Code
    1. <outputMethods>
    2. <dynamicHeap startNode="1|2|0|0" widthNode="1|2|0|1" heightNode="1|2|0|2" vehicleInteractionTrigger="interactionTriggerHeap"/>
    3. </outputMethods>

    lion same folder as moddesc

    u need to have lion_en and than ur translation

  • Thanks for quick reply.

    I need add a prefix!?

    What I need add?

  • Thanks, it works.

    Now i don't have any issue on log.txt but on ironprocessor only produce 3 products

    2 - dynamicHeap (sand and gravel)

    1- loadingTrigger (iron)

    I have one more dynamic heap for ballast but don't produce.

    on GC stoneprocessor i have 3 dynamicHeap but only 2 produce.

    sand and gravel works stonepowder don't.


    Edited 3 times, last by nonnus: Solved, the problem is the limit of number products to densityMapHeightType ().