Real Cab

Animation and display script for vehicle mods.

This script is designed to make your vehicle operate with an improved level of function.

Full list of features and a help guide (PDF) is included in the .zip (Guide is currently only available in English [Sorry])

1. onStart: Used to display a brand logo on engine start followed by a standard screen. Icons can also be set with a timer to act as an engine check.

2. cabAnimations: Used to play a windscreen wiper animation when rain starts.

3. dayRunLights: These lights are displayed when vehicle is started. (Fake and Real supported)

4. onStartAnimations: Used to display fake gauges or even cabin part movements that can be set with a slower return modifier if required.

Two types available (general use & Temp to allow for a difference if needed).

5. realWarnLights: Display `icons` for certain vehicle functions as needed. (4x4, front diff, rear diff from Gearbox Addon and Drive Control also supported)

6. hudDisplay: Used to display a brake Compressor fill gauge (Analogue or Digital). You can also set to speed displays (mph and kph), these will be changed to suite the users settings.

7. insideActions: Allows you to animate your indicator switch, handbrake lever, ignition key and also the wiper switch (Wiper switch only when used with autoWipers), lights switches, beacon switches and hazard light switches.

8. gearDisplay: Allows you to display a direction icon based on the status of the vehicle. (forward, reverse, neutral)

9. mrGbHud Allows you to display the current gear as taken from the Gearbox Addon by Mogli. Will also display a "R" when in reverse and a "H" when in Hold Mode.

If Gearbox Addon is disabled (gearDisplay) will be used if indexed on vehicle also.

Vehicle using this script: Volvo FH16 SWB

Enjoy and happy modding beer

  • Version

    Small update. I had a request to add optional switching animations for the vehicle lights. So here we go :-)

    This update adds the ability to add the following switch animations.

    1. All standard vehicle lightTypes.

    2. Beacon Lights.

    3. Hazard Lights.

    PDF in zip has been updated.

    No other changes ;-)

  • Version V

    Fix conflict when using Gearbox Addon Versions greater than V3.0.0.1 to V3.0.5.9.

    Future mrGB release versions after V3.0.5.9 should also work with this script no problem.

  • Version

  • Will you bring your Tatra AR or your Volvo Short Base with the new Update?

    • I am not sure at this point if there will be anymore updates to these 2 vehicles.

      They both do already use most of the script features so there would not be much I could add. ;-)

    • okay, I want to know how I must insert the Lightswitch from new Update in my Mod, because I don't understand the part in the Guide with 0|20....

    • OK, I am not sure what part you are not understanding sorry. If you post a bit more of a description about what you are having a problem with in the 'support-thema' by clicking the link in the top right of this page I will try and help ;-)

    • I will do it when I'm back home on my Computer...

  • Thank you very much for the updated script and your quick response (like always) GtX

  • hello gtx I have a question how to install because mod?
    I would be glad about an answer
    lg felix

    • Hallo.

      You have to take it in the Mod with Giants Editor.

      It is not a real mod, it is something to build in.

  • Hi GTX,

    awesome!! I just did a quick check with DRL on my sammple MAN. Works perfect!

    I don't think I have enough patience to try all the neat features of the script (I looked at the Volvo, you are a true lover of details :) ), but I saw a few things, which definitely will make their way into a MAN cab :)

    thanks a lot again. Great job!!

    • I am happy you can find a use for it. And thank you for the praise.

      Sadly yes I do like to try and add lots of detail, sometimes this can be a bad thing as I do not know where to stop.

      :-) Enjoy

    • nothing sad about that. I like it a lot, I am just too lazy to do it by myself :)

  • Kommt es einfach in den Modordner oder muss es eingebaut werden?

    • This script is installed by GE only sorry..